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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Making of - TV ON THE RADIO - Second Song

Oh hey there...
Here is some stuff to look at, from behind the emerald curtain...
Alota the time, my favorite shots are the one's I can't use.
In this scene my hands were red for weeks.

After many hours
of threading things on wire
we realised we could have just done it on a computer.
tho, I'm glad we did it like this.
As he turned on the record player,
I slowly sliced him to pieces.

So, this set is responsible for the only time in my life where hysterical laughter has seamlessly melted into genuine crying as Sean Hogan (above looking nonchalant with a drill) and I realised that the 2000 hand cut rectangles which had to be individually wrestled into each hole to eventually fill this grid, were all one square to the left of where they should be. Watch the video again, this shot is up there for 2 seconds. Sean had to leave the room while I stood in the corner shaking like an old lady.

Ha! Just reading this back it sounds reeaaal bleak. It wasn't. I mostly had a delightful time with an amazing crew, playing with models figuring my way around problems in the most ridiculous way. Which is real fun.

There is more stuff like this but... i'm don't think I'm going to show it. Sorry.
I think it removes a bit of the magic. What do you think? discuss: