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Friday, 5 November 2010


so the chaps at Finkbom asked me to make a short film for their new iphone app where you get to be generally unpleasant to a little zombie fella. After the cerebral headache of Eagleman, this was a frickin delight to make. It was directed by my inner toddler. Enjoy!


  1. Very cool! Short and sweet. What kind of armature and tie downs did you use? Were the camera moves added in post? Big fan of your work man especially how quickly your able to produce it while still maintaining the high quality.

  2. Thanks Alfonso! simplicity is the key! there are no tie downs or armatures used here, just wire and blue tac. Over complicating the process usually just makes things harder to work with and limits what you can do. the most straightforward way is usually always the best.